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Oracle R12 E-Business Tax Fundamentals

The learner will acquire the knowledge and skills using tax compliance scenarios and self-test questions.  A successful result for each lesson will allow the learner to move on to the next lesson.  Each lesson covers a topic area in depth, with examples, and is followed by a lab session, as follows:    

Day 1 - eBTax Basics

eBTax Architecture Overview of key elements
Geography and Address validation
Legal entity and Operating Units
Tax Regime to Rates, Setting Up your first tax
Working with your first tax in a transaction

Day 2 - Getting Tax Rules

Party Tax Profiles for Legal Entities, Customers, Suppliers
Tax Registrations
Legal Entities Associated Business Entities
Locations and Addresses
Tax Fiscal Classifications
Party Fiscal Classifications
Product Categories – Inventory Linked
Product Category – non-inventory linked
Transaction Business Classifications
User Defined Fiscal Classifications
Building Tax Rules
Determining Factors & Sets
Tax Conditions & Sets
Does and Dont’s

Day 3 - Advanced Topics

Advanced Settings and Options
Application Tax Options and Configuration Owner Tax Options
Tax Accounting Scenarios
eBtax Testing and Diagnostics
Tax Configuration Diagnostic
Tax Simulator Usage
Modifying & invoking RXi - Reporting on your first tax transaction

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